Agricultural Scenario in West Bengal

The production of food grain has increased to 189.57 LMT in 2018-19 from 148.1 LMT in 2010-11 and the state upholds its leadership in rice production in India. Almost two third populations of the state directly or indirectly dependant on agriculture & Agri-allied activities and the central pillar of economic growth remains agriculture. The State supports beyond 8% of national population having only 2.7% of India’s geographical area with 72.43 lakh farm holdings (Agri-Census, 2015-16) of which 96% of the farmers are small and marginal and the average size of land holding is 0.76 ha. The cropping intensity is 190% well above the national average of 142% during 2018-19. In the backdrop of new innovations, technologies and introduction of flagship programme in agriculture, further enhancement in farm income needed to elevate the small and marginal farmers.