Soil Conservation


Soil Conservation Wing of the Agriculture Directorate plays a very important role in boosting and sustaining agriculture production in the predominately rain fed areas and among resource poor farmers. The State Government has accorded the highest priority for conservation of natural resources through different scheme / programme by application of various soil & water conservation techniques like rain water harvesting structure, stream bank erosion control, in situ moisture conservation, field channel, clearance of drainage congestion, check dam, dug well, plantation, periphery cultivation, micro-irrigation, integrated farming system etc. along with land use survey. Fund for the work is pooled from the State Development Scheme (core), National mission for Sustainable Agriculture – Rain fed area Development (RAD) component, BGREI and NFSM.

The Soil Survey section of the Soil Conservation Wing undertook different activities related to Soil & Land Use Survey (SLUS). During last seven years, from 2011-12 to 2018-19 reports published covering an area of 377482Ha. Besides this, soil conservation measures like plantation of horticultural crops, Water harvesting Structure and Farmers training etc. have been implemented by the Soil Survey section.


During the year2018-19, Rs.4791.70 lakh was released. Out of which Rs.4186.64 (87%) have been utilized benefitting about 63867 Nos. of Farmers. In addition to the achievement made during 2018-19 818 Nos. of Farmers Training have been conducted under different schemes.

Various types of soil and water conservation measures have been executed under different schemes / programmers which benefitted the area differently. Year wise Physical and Financial achievement under different schemes implemented by the Soil Conservation Wing during last eight years and the expenditure there of is shown hereunder.