Supply and Availability of Fertilizers

The State has accorded top priority in ensuring timely supply and availability of fertilizers as well as to harness higher fertilizer use efficiency. State Government is committed to safe guard farmers’ interest by way of ensuing sale of fertilizers within MRP/RP and to strengthen the logistic support in ensuring availability of fertilizers at the doorstep of farmers. The state has achieved balanced use of chemical fertilizers by securing the recommended NPK ratio at 2:1:1, ahead of other states. In case of per hectare consumption of fertilizer in terms of N+P+K, it was 160 kg during 2017-18 and has been estimated around 195 kg during 2019-20. To maintain the soil health status, the state has focused on maximizing the use of organic fertilizers viz., Vermi-compost, Bio-fertilizes, Compost and Green Manures alongside chemical fertilizers.